Newbie Blogger Initiative, A Huge Thank You

Newbie Blogger Initiative NBI

When I started this blog oh so long ago (about 3 days), I did NOT think that it would take off as it has. The hits, the comments, the discussion, and the support has been absolutely tremendous. It gives me such a rush that I am very compelled to keep this up and keep the discussion and love of all things gaming going!

I owe it all to Syp, a Senior Contributing Editor at and the owner of Bio Break, and the creation of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. The Newbie Blogger Initiative is a movement, in the words of Syp, “To facilitate the start-up of new blogs by providing them with advice, support, and a crapton of traffic after they’re settled in.” ‘Crapton’ has been an understatement.

So if you have stopped by this blog and feel like checking out anything from my Newbie Blogger brethren, please do. The MMO and gaming community is one that is very united and strong, the support has been fantastic, and lets keep the love going! So if you are inclined please visit any blog on my Blogroll on the left side of the page or click on the image above. Again, thank you all.

\\ Ocho