Jump Around! Guild Wars 2 Jumping Puzzles Debate [GW2]

On Friday night I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I hung out with my fellow gamers in a guild event. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the sort of gamer who schedules his time to play. Essentially, anything and everything could come up and I consider anything in real life to be above gaming, from going to see a friend’s show to an impromptu bottle of wine with the wife. This makes me a terrible raider and a terrible guildmate, but it makes me a great casual player. I can’t wait to have kids to see how they impact my gaming habits.

So what did we do? Jumping puzzles! I love Guild Wars 2 jumping puzzles, personally. I love scaling the highest heights and untying the trickiest puzzles they can throw at me. Although it looks like the inclusion of them is a hot debate among some people. To them I say… Really? There’s even a debate? I think this goes to show exactly how much people just love to complain. I mean, really…

“I’m OK with them, but at the same time despise them since they’re just catering to those damn Nintendo kids with their jumpy marios and mushrooms game.” – Massively Commenter

… Come on now. 1) this person is posting on a gaming website. 2) Despite including themselves as a gamer, they are lambasting those gamers they deem lesser than they are. “Jumpy Mario and Mushrooms Game”? You mean, oh, I don’t know, THE GREATEST SELLING VIDEO GAME IP OF ALL TIME?!  Seriously, I haven’t played all the Mario games, and I’m not the best at platformers, but even I respect the history of the hobby. This statement is the equivalent of “Damn kids! Get off my lawn!!!”. If it’s not a game specifically built for you, that means that it shouldn’t be enjoyed by anybody. Gotcha. No, that’s not a really jerk thing to think. That’s totally normal.

I want to ask these people what went wrong in their lives somewhere that they need to feel such jealousy or such hatred towards something so small as an optional jumping puzzle.

Another common thread of a “problem” with them is just how difficult they are. So, wait, sometimes these games we play have a difficulty attached to them and need a little skill or hand-eye coordination to complete? Welcome to the gaming world! There are a lot of games out there that don’t just hand over a virtual prize so easily. But really, these games aren’t as hard as, say, BattleToads. On the grand scale of difficulty, where Final Fantasy end-game bosses end up taking over an hour of perfect play to defeat, these jumping puzzles don’t even register. If one person, by himself, can complete these jumping puzzles, then anybody can. It doesn’t take Superman-like reflexes. It just takes time and the ability to learn from your mistakes.

For those who complain of the difficulty of the vistas I say again… really? Where the jumping puzzles have a modicum of difficulty to them, the vistas are even less. For the vistas, just find the path and make the one or two jumps to get there. You can always cheat using Youtube, too, if you really can’t figure it out yourself… but I haven’t found one yet that was so tricky it needed cheating. Does this seem to speak of a gaming community that, more and more, want their games handed to them on a plate? Haven’t I talked about this before?!

But, overall, they are awesome. It’s like ArenaNet listened to all of the complaints of how you weren’t able to jump in Guild Wars 1 and said “Fine. You want to jump? WE’LL GIVE YOU A REASON TO JUMP!” Content that anyone of any level can do that doesn’t involve combat and rewards for exploration… I just don’t see how anyone can really complain about getting MORE content, about having MORE stuff to do. Now, looking back at other MMOs, sure, they have jumping… but now what good is it if there’s nothing to jump for.

They’re fun. They’re tricky. They’re cooperative. They’re a welcome addition to the gameplay and yet another jewel to put in the crown of what makes Guild Wars 2 such a great game.

\\ Ocho