Quick Review of No Man’s Sky Polestar Expedition

No Man's Sky, traversing a wormhole in a freighter

Way too late last night I finished up the 8th Expedition in No Man’s Sky, the Polestar Expedition, and overall it was okay. Definitely not too hard, like previous ones making you search for really obscure star systems, scale and jump off huge cliffs, or fend off battalions of Sentinels. I’d consider Polestar to be up there as one of the easiest.

Taking my time and going off the beaten path a little more than is needed, like exploring an abandoned freighter and beating up on some Sentinels for fun, the Expedition took me only 5 nights to complete. Less time than most of the others, which usually took between 6-7 nights to complete, but more than the anomalous Cartographers which only took 4 nights.

No Man's Sky, a solar eclipse above a blue world
I cheated. When you take screenshots you can move the location of the sun.

The way No Man’s Sky tells it’s story is very oblique, letting you find snippets of lore and lost logs along the way all with an existential and disjointed feel to them. Primarily the story in Expedition was conveyed via logs kept by your freighter’s commander and logs found in crashed freighters along the way. I didn’t even really realize what the story was about until I had turned off multiplayer which was preventing me from inspecting the first few downed freighters. People building bases right atop the freighters so they couldn’t dig into the ground, you see, was also not letting people retrieve that snippet of story.

From what I could make of it the story was about a world that was falling apart and its inhabitants taking to the stars en mass. However, among all the people scattering to the winds, it turned to a search for all those lost people. We had to find a large beacon, build a singularity engine, and traverse a wormhole to end up where I guess we were supposed to be. It’s unclear. After the final warp the Expedition just ended, no extra story to conclude that we had found who we were trying to. Ah well. What it lacked in story it made up for in theming, focusing entirely around the freighter.

No Man's Sky, an asteroid field with the sun's light scattering through above a cloudy planet.
Updated asteroid fields looked nicer and were a little harder to find

At the end I had a nice bankroll of 20 Million credits and 7000 nanites to work with as well as a mostly built out base aboard the freighter, a kitted out ship, and a few specialized multi-tools. Not a bad launching point for any new character, for sure.

// Ocho

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