September Gaming Goal: Chasing the Doomboard

The Secret World, Hell

Hell has such a fascinating story in TSW. Demons are misunderstood, and Angels are far from heavenly.

Do we really *want* the items that are proferred to us in MMOs? Or just the ability to pursue them?

The thought struck me as I finished up yet another losing El Dorado PvP match in The Secret World. I haven’t won a single match playing El Dorado yet. It’s a faction based, collect and hold items sort of PvP match. In all the matches I’ve played so far, the Illuminati haven’t won a single one. But at least I was able to check off another daily challenge. And that’s all that matters in the special item-of-the-month chase this time around.

That item is the Doomboard, a Hell-themed hoverboard mount. Is my character really that “Hell” themed? Not really. I don’t even think it looks that great. But… it’s an item to chase, and I do love The Secret World. So why not chase it? The chance to chase limited-time items isn’t one that comes around often in TSW, and any reason to play TSW is a good reason.

Secret World, Illuminati, Fusang Projects

Illuminati defending the Center Facility in Fusang Projects

The worst part is, though, I don’t even *like* PvP. I’m not a competitive person and beating my fellow players isn’t something I would actively seek out. But then again, grouping up with them isn’t something I’ve necessarily enjoyed, either. I’ll do it periodically, just to check out some content I’ve never seen, but grouping for dungeons in MMOs I’ve found is just as competitive as PvP, if not more so. Sure, you’re all after the same target and same goal, but gear discrepancies, different builds, or experience will still separate you into the gaming haves and have-nots. And some players will go out of their way to tell you how much they think you’re a “have-not”. Social PvP, if you will.

To get the Doomboard, though, PvP and Dungeon running are a must. So I’m heading outside my comfort zone and trying new modes of play, just as the developers intended. I’m all up for trying new things, and now I have some nice self-made-builds for when I head down into PvP or dungeons, so there is that. And I’m getting nice chunks of reward to keep making gear progress, so there is that as well.

Secret World, Shambala, PvP

Tried out Shambala for the first time, too. With a win, no less.

The next-to-worst part, though, is that I may not even get it. Because of my reluctance and inexperience in the highest levels of running dungeons and content, I can still only complete just a few challenges a day, which puts me at an uncomfortable amount of playtime to get the remaining challenges completed. But dang it if I still won’t try, comfort zones be damned.

If we all stayed inside our comfort zones, how would we ever grow?

3 thoughts on “September Gaming Goal: Chasing the Doomboard

  1. “If we all stayed inside our comfort zones, how would we ever grow?”

    — Very, very slowly. 😀

    Unfortunately for some of us comfort zones are kind of a must. I’m overlapping RL and gaming here, I know, but my RL issues do impact my gaming so I feel it’s fair enough.


  2. Wow! I am a bit late here. This posting must’ve slipped my attention when it was made, and only now i visited here again.

    Anyway, on that event and PvP, i dare to say that i got me that doomboard, despite also never using it, without ever entering PvP. For me PvP in TSW neither makes sense (The end of the world is near… we could try to prevent it, but i think we rather should smack each other? ) not is actually any good. (There’s a numer of MMOs out there where PvP is significally better, and don’t get me started on Warhammer Online during ist good time… ) I tried it for a few times, but found it lacking a lot in comparison so what i experienced in other games, so i think nothing ever will get me into PvP in TSW again.

    That being said, the 5 and 10 player content (so dungeons and raids) are in league with the best of other MMOs out there. I know of several old time WoW raiders who found a new home in TSW and enjoy it a lot. (Similar playstyle, but “only” needing 5 or 10 players allows to keep the logistical overhead under control. ) And when not going for nightmare difficulty, you can still enjoy this content, without needing a great gear, setup or player skill. Lower difficulties can be very forgiving, and players in them usually also are, so normally the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable even in random groups. Note that it’s usually harder to find people for normal difficulty than for elite difficulty. Completing a number of dungeons in elite difficulty is a weekly achievement and many people do that. Also note that long time players often are actually able to solo or duo an elite dungeon, which means there’s little pressure. Anybody extra in the team just means that things go faster, and if they make mistakes and die, nothing is lost. At the same time, they can get all the loot, as a long time player won’t need anything of it any more and would just disassemble it for materials. 🙂

    So for this event it’s a little too late, but if there’s another event like this, just consider more dungeoning on elite difficulty, you might be pleasantly surprised. 🙂


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