In a Secret Holding Pattern #TSW

The Secret World, Polaris

Funcom, you can drop the act now. Those countdown tentacles? Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone.

Last night I logged in to our weekly meeting of The Secret World, and only two others had shown up, Syp and TenTentacles. We briefly discussed what we could do between the three of us. We could run a scenario since the Flappy fight wasn’t going to start for a few hours or we could just farm some AP. Each suggestion was met with a huge wave of “meh”. We’ve done the Flappy fight to death by this point, we’ve done so many scenarios that we could do them in our sleep, and grinding AP doesn’t really sound appetizing either as we’d just be doing content we’ve already done over and over again. The low turnout to begin with also shows that we’re all feeling generally the same way.

In other words, until The Secret World’s Tokyo expansion is released, interest in playing the game at all is very low.

The Secret World, Bugs

We seem to be encountering technical difficulties. Please stand by.

Between all of us, our best guess consensus is that the first Tokyo zone is going to be dropping sometime in April, which disagrees with the tentacles. To release any later, though, would be crazy. Last time we checked Funcom still needs to make money and outfits and accessories (although some of them are pretty nice) just aren’t going to cut it. Unless they are just going to sit idly by on the sidelines and watch as The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar leech away all of their players, Funcom needs to start the hype train for Tokyo sooner rather than later, and start doling out information.

I mean, a more adult, gritty world where magic is real and you’re fighting demonic hellspawn are a few things that Elder Scrolls Online and The Secret World have in common. There are differences, sure, but the feel is similar enough to draw from the same pool of players. There’s a chance Funcom might be banking on TESO’s failure, which is a bad thing to do for such a huge IP. Even if TESO does the stereotypical boom at launch and 3-month dropoff, releasing Tokyo 3 months from now to compensate you wouldn’t find too many players left that were willing to wait. TSW is not World of Warcraft! Players aren’t simply content to grind for months waiting on the new expansion! Why am I even subbing? Give us some more info already!

And those tentacles above the Flappy portal meant to show how much longer until the portal is cleansed? Yeah, we know they don’t mean anything. You can drop the illusion now. I haven’t checked recently, but in the beginning when the Flappy fight was in full swing, based on the rate that the counters were dropping, it was estimated that the portal wouldn’t be cleansed until around October.

So unless Funcom steps in and alters the countdowns, like they did with the last portal, or finally give a release date for Tokyo, we’re going to be waiting in this holding pattern for quite a while.



6 thoughts on “In a Secret Holding Pattern #TSW

  1. Yup, I’m with you. I was actually playing pretty actively up until the scenarios dropped and then…. didn’t like them. And the tentacle things were grindy, and I’ve already got the whole wheel filled (though I’m still working on the augment lines now. over 50% done SP-wise, though getting all the actual augments will still be a looooong time), so…. yeah, drifted off. I’m hoping Tokyo and the AEGIS system will be fun, but in the meantime…. ESO for me once it goes live.

    I almost logged in last night to try to run with y’all. Now I wish I had. I could have gotten a friend to join up and we coudl have wiped repeatedly in some NM dungeons 😉 Ah well. Perhaps next Monday. . . . .

    • Yeah, that’s about where I am. Not the wheel, got that at maybe 70%, but my augment lines are maxed. Got a couple of extra weapons, a few augments (green ones especially), and my DPS set is flashing some purple (mostly 10.0, 10.1). In other words, I’m at the stage where it’s lots of grind for incremental rewards, which is just not enough to hold my interest. I’m sure Tokyo will be great, but I’m trying not to get my hopes too high. I’d just love to explore the new zone.

      We’ll still be coming in Monday nights, though, seeing if anyone wants to run scenarios, NM, lairs, or something. Ooooo lairs. Haven’t done enough of them yet. That could be an idea…

  2. Yep. In 100% agreement. I’ll be dropping into TESO, because I preordered, but I’m still on the fence as to how long it’ll hold my interest. Wildstar is another story. Hopefully Tokyo will launch before Wildstar and grab my interest, or Nexus threatens to pull me away from TSW for a while.

    • Yeah. I mean, TSW and Wildstar are both on the horizon, Wildstar lining itself up for the 3 month TESO dropoff… and Funcom is silent. I mean, sure, we as players know this is the last part of the neverending siege of Agartha, and that Tokyo is next, but hearing about it would be nice. Dates, maybe an intro video or two. Something. This whole “Oh, you have to beat Flappy 100,000 times… nice to imagine as a method for opening new content, but just not realistic.

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