Gabriel Knight: Snakes Everywhere

Gabriel Knight, Day 3

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So while I was perusing the manual, it heavily suggested that I read the included graphic novel before Day 3. Since it was not included in the GoG offering, I made sure I was backed up, my malware and virus protection were in good condition and then descended into the bowels of the internet in search of it. After a bit of search and a couple of malware scares, I found the graphic novel in clean condition.

And woah! I don’t remember this, either! So far, Gabriel Knight has been essentially following a modern-day (for 1993) story of a jerk trying to research his latest book. But this? This is deeper than I thought it was. I don’t remember any of this. Of course, the reasons why I played games when I was 12 is a little different than why I play them now. Story wasn’t that important to me then. My tastes have changed just a bit.

Gabriel Knight, Day 3

Day 3 starts off like all the others. Wake up, have some coffee, get the day’s messages from Grace. I get the phone number for an old lady I saw in a Voodoo store, so I decide to attempt stalking her. Called her a few times, but she’s not that receptive. The police are interrogating a suspect for the murders, which is interesting because I still have the Detective’s badge. A guy named Bruno keeps coming into my shop, asking to buy my father’s painting, and a Wolfgang Ritter keeps calling from Germany. After having read the graphic novel, maybe I should call him back this time. Finally there’s a lecture on “African Religions” going on at Tulane University. Lots to do.

The police suspect is named Crash, and is your stereotypical junkie, but doesn’t say anything meaningful. I DO give the Detective back his badge, though. No hard feelings.

I head back to Jackson Square and pick up the artist’s drawing of the symbols, and see a psychic in the park. I walk over, she gets up, puts her snake on the ground and starts… dancing? Wait… PUTS HER SNAKE ON THE GROUND?! This is a public park! Lady just lets a boa constrictor just wander around?! She’s not playing with a full tarot deck, it seems.

Gabriel Knight, Day 3

Well, Gabriel is REALLY into her, however (big shocker). She drops a scarf, I pick it up, and find a snake scale on it. Another snake scale? Why did it have to be snakes? I hand her back her veil, sans scale, and she thanks me by giving me a reading which starts with double entendre and ends with… demonic voices. Ooooo-kay.

Gabriel Knight, Day 3

This game has been great about the slow build-up. Foreshadow everywhere. Day 3 looks to be speeding things up a bit, though.

While walking through the cemetery Gabriel runs into Malia Gedde, and she’s kinda surprised to see me. Once more, Gabe lays it on thick, but she runs away citing traditions, and… not liking creeps, maybe?

Gabriel Knight, Day 3

I head to the university to see the lecture, and it all floods back to me. THIS I remember. I mentioned in the first part how a scene scared the wits out of me when I was 12. Well, this is that scene! Gabriel watches a very interesting lecture on African Voudoun, falls asleep, and has a nightmare of being shoved into a tiny coffin! I remember literally jumping out of my seat, and never playing the game again… until now.

Gabriel Knight, Day 3

Adult me, however, will continue playing.

// Ocho

Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow, Sierra

6 thoughts on “Gabriel Knight: Snakes Everywhere

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  2. Funny how different things scare us as kids versus as adults. Case in point, no problem with video-game coffin entrapment, but computer viruses? Eeeeeeekk!
    Can’t wait to find out what happens next.


    • I am ridiculously scared of viruses. Had a few computers destroyed by them, and my first reaction when I get an infection is to go nuclear and wipe the whole system. Of course, over time, learning safe practices, enabling two-factor authentication, not falling for phishing, strong and different passwords for multiple sites, etc., I haven’t had an issue in a LONG time. Being as safe as possible, you never know when one will still rear it’s head, though.

      I am having a lot of fun with this game. I know all of my posts are bordering on nothing but Gabriel Knight, and I’m not sure how many I’ll end up with, or if people are really interested, but I’m loving it. 🙂


  3. This has LONG been one of my favorite games, and it’s pretty cool to see someone else tackling it. Good luck pushing through to the end. (Remember to save often and -in different files-! Particularly after, oh, day six or seven… yeah, lotsa saves past that point.


    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve already started saving in multiple locations. I think I have 10 so far for Day 3 alone. I imagine I’ll have 50 per day by later days. I know Sierra sometimes throws in one of those curveballs where if you forget something early on, you really pay for it later. But I’m trying my hardest not to cheat and look up a walkthrough… which I will admit that in my next post, that I had to. But just once! Trying my hardest not to spoil it, though, as I’m really enjoying playing it. 🙂

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


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