Gabriel Knight: Fake Detective

Gabriel Knight, Sierra

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I know the game is 20 years old, but SPOILERS AHEAD!

You ever hear of a Sierra Search? If you haven’t played them or don’t remember the games, Sierra liked to make sure you really spent time trying to figure out how to progress. They never just blatantly handed you the answer, and sometimes the answer was really far from making any sense. It’s doing your adventure gaming due diligence. Click on everything, talk to everyone, and eventually, after banging your head against the wall, the way opens up.

I head to the local police station, where Detective Mosely, voiced by Mark Hamill, is working on the Voodoo Murder case, and I’m secretly assisting. He’s the one who gave me the picture of the murder victim that I keep showing to every single person I meet. Gabriel is just an awful friend to this guy. On Day 1, I photocopied evidence while he was occupied, then today I turned up the heat in his office, told him to get me a cup of coffee and then STOLE HIS BADGE! So, imitating a police officer, huh? That’s kinda a step-up from Gabriel’s normal jerk behavior. It might help me get into the Gedde mansion, though.

Gabriel Knight, Sierra

Let’s see what else is going on before I head there. I head to the cemetery where tombs have been marked with Voodoo characters, and talk to the groundskeeper. He tells me that other tombs have had offerings on them, and that Dr. John visits every day. The first couple letters of the translated tomb markings are even “DJ”… methinks Dr. John is up to no good.

I ask Grace to look up the info of an older woman I saw in the Voodoo store, and then head over to the Gedde mansion, police badge in hand. I’m right, the badge does get me past the butler. I end up speaking to Ms. Gedde in her personal library. After questioning her on all the same topics I’ve been asking everyone else, she see’s right through my charade that I’m not really a detective. After Gabriel stammers a bit, she kicks me out of the house. Not sure what I got out of the meeting, and I’m sure Gabriel looks like a fool in her eyes, but hopefully it progressed the story ahead a bit.

Gabriel Knight, Sierra

This apparently does not end the day, though. I head back to the park and see the wind blow a large piece of paper away from the guy working on architectural drawings. It lands inside of a fence that I can’t reach. Well, here I end up stuck again. I do another Sierra Search. Nothing.

Not to give up hope, before caving to a walkthrough, I flip back through the game’s manual, seeing if there’s anything I may have forgot, and there totally is! I never opened the cash register in Gabriel’s bookstore in the tutorial! I go back and find a gift certificate. The hot dog vendor is reading a book, so I head back and hand it over to him. Sure enough, he hands me back a hot dog. Progress.

Gabriel Knight, Sierra

I take the hot dog, hand it to the kid, and he’s all happy. Happy enough to fit through the bars and get me the lost page of the architect. I hand it back to the architect, and he’s grateful enough to piece together the bunch of voodoo drawings I have into one bigger drawing! He says he’ll have it for me tomorrow.

Thankfully, this is enough to end Day 2, and I didn’t even have to steal the architect’s tools.

// Ocho

P.S. – Up to 94 out of 342. I think I’m doing pretty good!

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