Gabriel Knight: Day 2

Gabriel Knight, Day 2

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Day 2 of my playthrough of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, and maybe I’ll find more people to show that picture of a dead body to. “Are you uncomfortable? No? Have a look at this!” I’m assuming that’s the thought process, anyway.

The first stop is the Voodoo museum, where Michael Dorn, I mean Dr. John, awaits. And… I hit on him? Okay. Who am I to judge.

Gabriel Knight

After chatting Mr. Dorn up for a while, he tells me some information about the Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, whose tomb I saw marked with symbols the previous day, and points me in the direction of a Voodoo practitioner. So far I’m up to 61 points out of 342.

Points are an interesting way to keep score in an adventure game, a way to make sure you check every single nook and cranny. Since they don’t give you any clue of how many you’re supposed to have at a given point, though, I guess I won’t figure out if I’m doing everything right until the end.

Well, there are two places I haven’t been yet: The Gedde mansion, where the attractive woman from the limo lives, and now this Moonbeam lady’s house. I head to check out Moonbeam.

Ms. Moonbeam has a pet snake, and so does the museum. And here I am with a snake scale in my inventory and I can’t seem to show it to anyone. Ms. Moonbeam, in all her psychic glory, does translate some of the symbols I have been finding lately, saying it’s a secret code. After talking with her a bit, it’s obvious she knows French, but refuses to translate some French phrase I picked up.

Then… she dances with her snake. Impressive? Sexy? Confusing? I do grab a snakeskin I find in the cage while this is going on, though, so it’s only slightly creepy (or does stealing while she dances make it MORE creepy?)

Gabriel Knight

After that fun, I head to check out the Gedde mansion, but I get rebuffed by the butler. Huh. I have nothing in my inventory that he needs. Ah well. I’m sure the answer is found elsewhere.

Just for fun, I stop by the park to see what’s going on today. Hot dog vendor, tap dancing kid, bands everywhere. No mimes, though. There is a guy doing architectural drawings, and I could use his tools to recreate a couple of drawings of my own. I ask nicely, but he won’t do anything. We all know what happens next: time to steal them! However, again, I come up stumped on the how. My guess is shoo away the dancing kid, buy a hot dog, and give it to the guy, but haven’t figured how to shoo away the kid.

Gabriel Knight

Alright, so we have three mysteries. How to get into Gedde mansion, how to get the tools, and what to do about my Grandfather’s clock from Day 1.

Looks like I have to start scouring areas until I find something useful. Good ol’ Sierra.

// Ocho

P.S. – Also, the way Gabriel speaks in this game is awful. Is this really Tim Curry? Does he know he does a terrible Louisiana accent? I don’t know how creepy they told him to play Gabriel, but man does he come across as a creeper. Not exactly Mr. Suave.

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