Listmas 2013: 5 Games That I Have Zero Interest In #Listmas

Privateer, Star Citizen

To correspond with yesterday’s list of 5 Games I Am Really Looking Forward To, today my list is the opposite, 5 Games That I Have Zero Interest In. None. Well, it’s none, or it’s very minimal. Whenever I see a post come up on these games, my first reaction is generally a huge eye-roll. Like “Oh no. Not this again.” I’ve left the hype train at the station a long time ago and I am just not jumping on.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m not getting on all the hype trains. Maybe I’m tired of jumping from game to game. Maybe I’m tired of making what seems like stagnant progress that adding yet another game to my currently playing list (which would also mean kicking one of them to the curb), isn’t that enticing. My current stable of MMO’s that I’m playing primarily are The Secret World, then Neverwinter, then the sidegames Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek Online. The last two I even haven’t played in a long while, so any of these new games will have to top my interest of even them.

So, these are the games I am wholeheartedly NOT on the hype train for.

5) Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

Chris Roberts had a big hand in some of my favorite old school games, the Wing Commander series. And Wing Commander IV is still one of my favorites. Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, and Tom Wilson are just a few in the star studded cast. Star Citizen, which has received an exuberant amount of funding, and looks to be a rebirth of the series in the MMO space, looks fantastic on paper. But yet, it doesn’t feel right. Have you ever played Privateer? Privateer is the base of Star Citizen. An individual pilot, you making funds trading and taking out the random pirate here and there, helping the local authorities, and then when you think you’re good enough to explore outside your own system, you’re shown how wrong you are. The game has an intense ability curve, such that if you leave the starting area of like, 4 planets, you better have already grinded out the best ships and the best weapons. If not, you’ll be coming back to those saved games over and over again. I also feel like they’re going for a more active combat EvE Online, and since I don’t really have any interest in EvE Online, either, this isn’t helping.

4) Wildstar by Carbine Studios

I do have a little interest in Wildstar, but it is only after hearing some of the news coming out after the press NDA drop. But that interest is slim. From what it sounds like, Wildstar is essentially an active-combat stylized World of Warcraft in space, mixing in some elements of Guild Wars 2. That sounds great and all, but when the game’s closest cousin is World of Warcraft, that is not that enticing. I played the heck out of World of Warcraft ages ago, then completely stopped after I looked at exactly how much I spent on that one game. On a whim, I bought the Cataclysm expansion, signed back in, took a few steps in Azeroth, and realized all the things that made me quit in the first place, and haven’t returned. The cheesy dialogue, the overly cartoony graphics. It just rubs me the wrong way, and Wildstar looks like it’s taking all the things that Warcraft has that I found annoying (including the subscription), and making them the game’s focus.

Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online

3) The Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online and Bethesda

I love the Ender Scrolls series. I’m a huge fan. I started playing with Arena, skipped over Daggerfall, and then played the hell out of Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. I love the lore, I love the open-ended single player style. So much so, that I don’t think the game will work in the MMO space. Making an Elder Scrolls game into an MMO, you’re taking away some big keys of what makes it feel like an Elder Scrolls game. Yes, the games do have a linear story, but in the single player games, you could ignore the single player story for as long as you want and still have a massive game ahead of you. In themepark MMO’s, if you ignore the main story, you don’t get very far. I don’t think there’s a way to have your cake and eat it, too. Trying to create a game that’s a Themepark and Sandbox simultaneously, you’re going to either make a terrible Themepark or a terrible Sandbox. And what makes The Elder Scrolls single player games great is that they get that combination right! I just don’t think that it will work as an MMO.

2) Rift by Trion Games

My apathy with Rift first started during the game’s beta. Not only was my system having a really hard time with the graphics, such that I had to turn all the settings down to their lowest, but I found the game’s core mechanics terribly annoying. I started as a Defiant character, and started the standard moving from quest hub to quest hub, leveling up. Except I would kill my ten rats, come back to the quest hub, and there would be a rift having taken it over. And I remember thinking “Cripes, this rift is just getting in the way. I just want to turn in this quest and head on to the next hub, but I can’t!” I found the rifts to be annoying, and when the game is called Rift… yeah, it’s just not going to work out.

World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor

1) World of Warcraft by Blizzard

World of Warcraft was my first foray into MMOs. And I loved it for the few years that I played it. I met some great friends that I still have and keep in touch with to this day, and I have a lot of great memories from the game. But I feel like I’ve matured, I’ve grown up, and going back to World of Warcraft is as appetizing to me as going back to high school. It was a great starter MMO, but it is far from perfect. I’m not a fan of the end-game grind, which is then completely nullified when the next expansion comes out and you start at the beginning again. Over time, they’ve included some great improvements. Tokens, instead of a slot-machine loot system. Easier grouping tools, and easier access to raids. But, even with that, I feel like I’d be taking a large step backwards if I headed back to WoW. So, this new upcoming expansion with housing? No thank you. I wish Blizzard and all WoW players well, but it is simply not for me.

Now, please, go ahead and tell me how wrong I am.

// Ocho

8 thoughts on “Listmas 2013: 5 Games That I Have Zero Interest In #Listmas

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  2. Certainly won’t say you’re wrong — diff’rent strokes and all of that. For me, I am looking forward to TESO next year, but the other 4 you mention I’m not. I played the hell out of Morrowind back in the day and picked up Skyrim about 3 weeks ago and have been playing the hell out of it since as well. Enjoying myself immensely, and yeah, I don’t think that the MMO version will be anything like what I’m currently playing, but if enough of the base concepts are similar, then I think I’ll enjoy it well enough. For a month or 3, anyway. . . .

    As it is, I’m most looking forward to Tokyo being released in TSW. Can’t wait for that!


    • I think I’ve got something like 285 hours in Skyrim right now, according to Raptr. I played the HELL out of Skyrim. Every scripted mission I could find, every faction I could join, everything. Although I’m still not fully completed Solestheim yet. So, yeah, I loves me some Elder Scrolls. Also, part of my non-interest may be that I really don’t want to get my hopes up for them to be shot down so hard. I want to go in thinking that it’s terrible and then be pleasantly surprised. Of course, I kinda am taking bets on how long until it goes http://FTP...


      • According to Raptr I’m already at 85 hours on it, and I haven’t even had it for a month. Though some of those hours I had it paused and was off doing other things…. but not many of them. I’m finding myself doing what I did with Morrowind — coming up with an idea for a character and then simply running them into the world and playing them according to that character’s outlook on life. Main quest? What’s that?

        I did the main quest in Morrowind exactly 1 time, just so that I could say that I had. I am running a character in Skyrim through it now also, but I keep getting distracted, so I’m not very far along at all as of yet. Of the 5 or 6 characters I’ve got running around in Skyrim, though, only the 1 is really even pretending to work toward it. Yeah, I can see how the MMO experience being on rails to level you up as you move around will be completely different, but otoh, I like the MMO experience as well as the TESV open-ended experience, so…. there ya go.


  3. I’m kind of counting on Wildstar to have a F2P option before too long, too. I can’t say I’m as excited about it as Syp, for example, but the cartoony graphics certainly are not the turnoff me as they are for some others. Speaking of which, I’m surprised EQ Landmark is not on either list ( though it did a get a mention. Below your radar?


    • EQ Landmark right now doesn’t so much sound like a game, more than it does a building utility ala Minecraft. The Minecraft style is very popular, but it’s not for me. I tried it once or twice, and it just didn’t stick. I’m not that creative. 😛 So, yeah, not a lot of interest in EQ Landmark, but then I do have a bit of interest in EQ Next. My curiosity is piqued a lot more for EQ Next than Wildstar or TESO for sure, but I think it’s because EQNext sounds like it isn’t looking to just model itself after whats already around, but go in a different direction. I like that. So, therefore, I haven’t written off any of the new EQ properties.

      I’d expect TESO to go F2P long before Wildstar, but Wildstar I think is setting itself up for an easier transition, so yeah, I do expect that as well. Sad that the only properties I expect to never go FTP are WoW and Final Fantasy, though. Starting with a sub just seems nowadays like an introductory thing before the transition to BTP/FTP inevitably comes around.


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