Awesome Screenshot: The Island in a Sea of Electricity #TSW

The Secret World, Hell Fallen, Ascendant

This shot was taken during our weekly group get-together in The Secret World, in which we decided to run the dungeon Hell Fallen on Elite. As you can see, we made it, with the Ascendant having keeled over behind me, but he REALLY didn’t give us a lot of room to finish him off.

The Secret World, Hell Fallen

I really don’t have much to say on the dungeon itself. It was my first time running through it, we wiped a couple times on the tricky Engine Tyrant fight, but we pushed through it. Although I didn’t run away with any good loot, I’m able to check this Elite off my list and am one step closer to fighting the Gatekeeper.

The Secret World, Hell Fallen

Overall, though, what made the run fun was simply the people. Couldn’t run it with a better bunch and I heavily agree with Rowan’s sentiments, more than anything it truly is awesome to have such a great group to run around with.

So Syp, Rowan, Ten Tentacles, Scooterz, Mogsy, Maric, and the rest, I owe you one.

Signed, your resident dungeon noob,

// Ocho

P.S. – It appears that ability is called the “Electric Smoke Grenade”, and he carpet bombs one side of the room. Huh. Good to know for next time! A guide of Hell Fallen can be found here. Thanks, Dulfy!


11 thoughts on “Awesome Screenshot: The Island in a Sea of Electricity #TSW

  1. Hah, I have been in almost exactly that position at the end of that fight, only smashed up against the wall. He doesn’t give you a lot of room to work with!

    That’s really cool to have a regular group to run dungeons with, I haven’t found that yet in TSW. I’m looking forward to being able to run scenarios with one or two other people, it might be easier to get a regular thing going with fewer people.

    • If I’m on, look me up. Name’s Ocholivis. I’ll run scenarios and whatever with you. Just keep in mind, I’m far from “leet”. I’m not bad, mind you, I just tend to not gear or level as fast as elitists demand. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Did they finally fix the bugs with this guy so you can’t “break out” and simply have a dps player kill him solo down below where he doesn’t attack back?

      • Oh it was (or is, if it’s still not fixed). Essentially you had 1 “runner” who would proximity aggro the adds and then simply kite them around the edge of the room while everyone else took on the boss. After he went way, the runner would pick up the new wave of adds, 1 dps would “break out” and jump down below the room, then once he said he was in position, the people up in the room would trigger the next phase and simply die to the adds, but becuz the person “broken out” was still aggressed even though the adds couldn’t break out down to him/her, the fight kept going and after a short time the boss would spawn down below, but since the adds weren’t dead it wouldn’t move into the room, so the person down below could simply kill it at leisure. Once it died, everyone else then also had to “break out” since the loot was down below as well. ‘Twas a very very stupid thing. I hated being in groups that wanted to cheese it like that instead of fight. Frankly, I think it would have been easier to simply fight it then to try to jump through all the hoops to exploit the bug.

      • Wow, yeah, that does sound more complicated. The hardest part seemed to be the above mentioned carpet bombing of electricity, but apparently, we could’ve just moved to the other side of the room to avoid that. ๐Ÿ˜› Eh… cheaters will cheat. I wonder if they believe they won’t be caught or the devs can’t figure out they’re doing it.

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