How To Earn MMO Store Credits Just By Web Searching

Neverwinter, Bing, Rixty, Earn Free Points

I know, it sounds like a scam. Trust me, that’s exactly the way I thought of it, too. That is, however, until I started to receive tangible rewards.

The process is simple:

1) Sign up for Bing Rewards. – Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, that is simply not as popular as Google. The main difference between them, though, in my opinion, is negligible. Searches in Bing turn up decent results, image search is spot on, etc. The big difference is that Bing offers a reward program for using it’s service.

2) Earn points for daily searches. You can earn, on average, 16 points per day. There are days that they give out more points, too.

3) Redeem points for many different rewards, including a Rixty Universal Game Card. The $5 card, like many rewards, will take about 30 days to complete.

So, the catch is simply that you use Bing as a search engine, and it’s only $5 worth of earned rewards per month. That’s it. Max out the daily points stipend (easy to do if you use the recommended search function), and redeem them when you have enough.

Of course, you don’t have to JUST get the game card. There are many, many other offers. For example, I just redeemed all of my points for $20 worth of Amazon gift cards. Aside from Rixty and Amazon, you could redeem points for Starbucks, ProFlowers, RedBox, Skype, Groupon, Hulu, charities, or sweepstakes. I’ve primarily been using mine for Amazon, and have yet to try Rixty, but I may now that it’s offered.

The hardest part, I’m sure, will be switching from Google. But think: every time you do a Google search is points you could be earning using Bing. Or, heck, don’t switch at all. Just use Bing for the rewards, and still use Google. You really don’t have to 100% switch.

The games that Rixty supports is pretty extensive, too. Age of Conan, Age of Wushu, Aion, Allods, Champions, EvE Online, Kingdom of Loathing (which I just started playing), Lineage II, MapleStory, Neverwinter, Runes of Magic, Rusty Hearts, Spiral Knights, Star Trek Online, TERA, World of Tanks, and hundreds of others I’ve never heard of before.

So, yeah. $5 per month isn’t going to go a long way and isn’t going to be hugely worth it when you have to save up 5 months of points to buy a single starship, but it’s a trickle effect. Get into the habit of maxing out the searches when you first sign on (takes about 2 minutes), and eventually, the points will just be there.

And plus, it’s a much better alternative than sketchy surveys or credit card offers, and allows you to check out game shops without having to spend any real money.

// Ocho

P.S. – There is a Refer-A-Friend program, too, but that’s not why I’m telling all of you about this. The points earned through referral can be made in a few days. However, if you care to go through under my referral, please use this link.

3 thoughts on “How To Earn MMO Store Credits Just By Web Searching

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  2. Hey there! Your use of the word “tangible” got me over excited, as that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out a out their rewards. I just got the whole program shoved in my face, via emails, the other day. Are they literally tangible? Do I get a card sent to my house? Also, isn’t that a little overkill if they are a tually tangible? I see that I have to give them all my shipping information, and for a company that is ninja-installing software that babysits what my minial windows 7 is doing, that doesn’t make me comfortable. Seems like it would cost more in processing and handling to get a $5 than actually giving out coupon codes. For all I know, the process of getting that $5 card will give them semi-valuable personal info they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. Gotta spend money to make money! Just had to vent on that. GG on plugging your referral link though.


    • Ahhh it’s been a while since I posted this. Uhhh… yeah, I’m not using tangible correctly. It is not a physical card. I was using tangibly to mean “actually getting a real reward you can use”. What they send you is the gift card number to your email, at least for the Amazon gift cards and Rixty codes, that’s how it works. I’m really not sure about, say, the Starbucks cards, or how they would work. Is ordering coffee possible through Starbucks website? I’m not sure. So, no, if you’re sticking to online retailers, you don’t have to supply an address. I never did.

      Ha! Yeah, you’re still right, though. Nothing is ever free, and we give away our privacy a little more and more each day. Although I didn’t have to install anything to use Bing Rewards, I just visit their site and make sure my account is logged in. Hence why I suggested it. It never triggered that red “this is way too shady” flag. You give their site clicks, they give you gift cards.

      I’ve slowed down my usage of it since I posted this, and I’m no longer at “gold”, but I’m asking myself why now. I mean, those Amazon gift cards every once in a while are pretty handy, and the effort is still not a whole bunch for a very gameable system…


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