Tequila the Sunrise, or a Lack Thereof [GW2]

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I have quickly realized that, if you’re not a high level in Guild Wars 2, all this Living World stuff just does not relate to you. At all. Right now, that’s where I stand. I created my current character not that long ago and I’ve made it to the Level 42 mark in, for me, record time, but I’m still a long ways off from actually participating in the current incarnation of the Living World, Tequatl Rising.

So, even at the half-way mark of the leveling curve, I have so far done every Tequatl Rising event at my level I could to earn credit towards the event and this is where I stand:

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Impressive, right? No? Hmmm.

Guild Wars 2’s content creators seem to have seen fit to stay along the Guild Wars 1 course of content development. That is, develop the content for high-level characters. In Guild Wars 1, this made a lot of sense, as achieving level 20 took you the equivalent of a couple play sessions. In Guild Wars 2, where levels are a real thing (kinda), the Living World is nothing more than a giant impetus to push you to level cap, and to get there as fast as humanly possible.

It just sits there, on the right-hand side of the screen, informing you of events going on in areas of the game you’re too low level to enter and that you’re too low level to participate in. A beacon of “Look what you could be doing”, but knowing you won’t be able to really join in this time. Next Living Story, maybe, if you can get there in time.

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Now, true, not EVERY incarnation I’ve experienced has been like this. The Super Adventure Box is designed for characters of all levels, and if they didn’t add stuff for max level characters to do, boredom would drive them elsewhere (and I’m sure the majority of players are sitting on cap, too). So, I get it, I just need to put my nose to the grindstone and grind away.

Still, though, this is where the Living World concept comes up a little short. I wasn’t able to participate in the Clockwork Chaos event, and I’m not able to participate in Tequatl Rising, either. Compare it to, say, The Secret World’s Issues. The Issues are mission packs and extra story tacked on for a nominal price, that are designed for the level cap. When they released Issue #6, The Last Train to Cairo, I was far from the end-game and still in the Soloman Islands. However, it was still there, waiting for me when I finally did reach level cap. And LTTC? That is some amazing gameplay right there.

To again be fair, though, Tequatl Rising is not something that I would deem really important. It’s not a new storyline, they just buffed up the world boss fights to make them more of a challenge. All I’m missing out on is a pair of wings. I can live with that.

So, fine. I’ll get there. And get there faster thanks to that ever-pushing Living World reminder. Maybe the addition of the pseudo Looking-For-Group tool will speed me up, too. With the LFG tool in place, maybe I’ll actually run some group content for once! Shocking, right? It’s about time GW2 added this, and I’m not going to lie, the LFG tool is one of the main reasons I decided to give GW2 another shot.

So, Tequila the Sunrise, I’m coming for you and I will down you yet! Just not this time.

// Ocho

P.S. – So what are all of you fine folks playing? I like this whole Friday, letting you know what I’m playing posts, but what is keeping YOU occupied?

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5 thoughts on “Tequila the Sunrise, or a Lack Thereof [GW2]

  1. None of the temporary Living Story content required you to be at the level cap, and things which do occur at high level zones are all permanent additions. To list them all…

    F&F & Molten Facility: Instanced, all characters upleveled to 80
    SoS: all characters upleveled to 80 in Southsun for the duration of the LS
    DB & AB dungeon: instanced, upleveled to 80
    Zephyr Sanctum: Upleveled to 80
    QJ: Upleveled to 80
    Scarlet: Permanent
    Teq: Permanent

    So don’t fret about your level too much, I say. The upleveling mechanism makes it so that you really don’t lose too much, as long as you’re wearing gear appropriate for your level (i.e. not a lvl 40 wearing lvl 10 gear.) You won’t speedrun anything, but hey, you’ll get to experience it. It’s such a waste to speed through levels in GW2 when you can take your leisurely time exploring the wonderful world slowly.


    • So, someone like me, starting during the Clockwork Chaos Event… I was able to complete the first “Closing Ceremonies” event, where I was upleveled to 80, and then asked to head to Gendarran Fields, a level 25 zone. By the time I made it to level 25 and was able to do the first thing Vorpp asked, he then said I go take out 5 different invasions. The event ended later that night, so I was screwed. So Scarlet… is permanent? Can I still do Scarlet’s Playhouse? Even without Vorpp around, or is he still in Divinity’s Reach? I still see a periodic invasion… so maybe the invasions are still around, but they’re not offering anything more than standard loot. And Tequatl is still there, true, but his difficulty may not be (most likely not) in the future. ANet has learned to focus the zerg, like a firehose. And when they point the firehose elsewhere, the flames it was previously on are doing nothing but smoldering.

      Really, experiencing it is all I care about. I’m not a loot craver. Incremental upgrades don’t mean much to me. So having disappearing content, especially when it’s teased as it is, is quite a negative carrot. Who knows what may come next, but all I know is there’s a chance it may disappear, and as such I want to be prepared for it. Sadly, that means grinding and not stopping to smell the roses.

      • The temporary aspects of the Scarlet’s event, such as the Closing Ceremonies and the Funhouse, all upscaled you to lvl 80. No, you can’t visit them anymore, but level wasn’t your problem (your lack of time to complete it was.). The Scarlet invasions are permanent additions, but occur at a much less frequent rate (~4-5 hours, IIRC, instead of every hour.) In terms of experience, it’s exactly the same. Invasions previously offered nothing but loot either. So eventually, you’ll be able to experience an invasion in high-level areas.

        I guess my point is, relax and take it easy! You’re missing out on very little due to your level with respect to the living story. You’re missing out because, as you said, you joined the LS on the last day, not because of your level.


  2. I love dragons in GW2 but I admit I still haven’t had a go at this one. may I add though – I loled hard at Tequila the Sunrise! x) you might be on to something there!
    currently playing (or mostly screenshotting) TERA and also a bit of ARR…but I’m really waiting on EQ Landmark and next year’s launches. fingers crossed we’ll find a new place to call home among them. have a nice weekend!

    • Haha I heard someone on in-game chat refer to him as Tequila the Sunrise, and I couldn’t help but laugh at that, too. I wonder if there are similar colloquialisms for the other bosses?

      How is TERA? I keep periodically hearing about people play it, but for some reason I’m very off-put by it. Maybe it’s the art style, the grind, or a combination. Does it have a lot of story? EQ Landmark sounds a lot like Minecraft, which I’m not a huge fan of, so I can pass on them. EQ2, though, looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. 🙂

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