The Super (Ridiculous) Adventure Box! [GW2]

This week I’ve gone off my, up to this point, normal routine of playing a different game every night and instead found myself sucked into Guild Wars 2. I’ll allow it, though, for two reasons: 1) I’m making the rules, and 2) If I didn’t periodically allow the chance to become immersed in a single game, I’d be taking away a great reason why we play them.

Anyway, on coming back to GW2, I found the game almost completely unrecognizable. Instead of straight dailies, now there is a list of dailies, and the ability to pick and choose! It still feels balanced as far as time spent, but now I’m not always cursing trying to find all different types of mobs to kill. This is a good thing. Also, on starting as an elementalist, arguably one of the more complex classes, my fighting style could be described as simply “random”. This is not the Guild Wars 2 I remember from launch.

There’s a “Living World”, too! “Living” being a loose term, but it’s cool to have. Having story wrapped in a serialized format is sweet. I don’t mind being drawn back in if the story is worth it, but I’m not expecting Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. However, where this falls is entering half-way through the story. When I started with Mabsy Mabs, it was in the middle of the Queen’s Jubilee. The first thing I was told was to go attend the closing ceremonies, and… well… now I have a LOT more questions. Mostly, who the hell are all these people, and why do they keep following me?!

So, the past couple nights, I’ve been exploring Moto’s SUPER ADVENTURE BOX!!! And I have just one word to describe it: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! 8-Bit Awesome, but AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! To say it’s tricky is an understatement. It really has that patented Guild Wars difficulty about it, and then on top of that, THERE’S AN EVEN MORE DIFFICULT SETTING NOW! Cripes. Really?! Come on!!!

The zones in World 1 weren’t so bad, but I still found myself yelling at the screen, calling the game a cheater, wanting to throw my keyboard across the room. So… really, well done ANet! As an obvious Nintendo homage (Moto… trying to rescue Princess Miya. Miya. Moto… get it?!), that’s exactly how I remember old-school platformers to be! However, being older and having a lot more options… I think I’ll hit my skill wall and then stop. Even “Infantile Mode” of World 2 is frustrating. I could only imagine how maddening World 3 or World 4 are going to be when they make those zones.

Well, good luck to those that attempt it. If you can complete World 2, I salute you.

There ain’t no shame in this screenshot. Nope, no shame. None. Whatsoever.

// Ocho

P.S. – See how fast I change my mind? Instead of just posting screenshots, instead I’ve decided to just try to keep a consistent Friday post on what gaming I’ve been up to! Makes sense, right? Afterall, no matter what I post will still be chock-full of screenshots. 🙂



7 thoughts on “The Super (Ridiculous) Adventure Box! [GW2]

  1. Dude, I lost 25 lives on my first go trying to get through World 2’s Infantile Mode. Totally no shame in those rainbows. They done overtuned the place a tad. Fixes coming soon, they say, hang tight.

    • Right?! Compared to World 1, which I was able to complete in a single night on Normal, World 2 is just a slap to the face! I got to the point in World 2 on Infantile where you needed to buy the torch, and then I didn’t have the funds to continue. Crazy.

      I remember my first GW1 event, though. It was one of the Halloween events and had you track down a sect of bad guys. Well, I just went in solo, thinking I was max level, and being use to other holiday events in other games… how hard could it be? It was, by far, the toughest holiday event I ever played. Like throwing myself against a brick wall. But even that seemed more worth it than these zones. At least with GW1, once you hit the max death penalty, all you lost is your sanity. This… it’s sanity PLUS items. 😛

  2. Yes, the lack of first person view in this game is ridiculous (especially with a Charr which… Well, I’m not the one who designed that race, awright?) The shallow zoom-out makes me nuts, too, but I can see how changing that would change the game considerably — especially in wvw — but lack of first person is just a mismatch a lot of the game dynamics. Jumping puzzles? Hello?? … like the SAB, too. *shakes head*

    I made one visit to the first Box some months ago. End of that for me. Besides, I’m with Bhagpuss on this: I didn’t like 8bit decades ago, I don’t like it now (even in high resolution… er, uh…)

    • Haha! See, I’m a retro gamer on occasion, too. I think a good game is a good game and can transcend the graphics, so I’m all for sites like GoG (even though GoG is starting to sell games that really aren’t “old” at all), and have spent an almost embarrassing amount of $ there. But… still. Yeah, the SAB is nice, the weapon skins are not that game related (but then again, it’s GW… they’ve always had a few of those “game breakers”), but some of the weapons do look cool… but I wouldn’t grind for them to save my life. It’s been enough for me to get enough to get the mini, let alone the 150% more expensive weapon skins.

      But I hear you… adding first person, with the painting-like environments that GW has, you would think would be a no-brainer! Why does shoing your character in every single screenshot have to be so important they can’t add it? I’m not expecting Skyrim with hand and weapon models… most games, the first person sucks, and is only used for screenshots… but at least a quick view would be awesome.

  3. A tip for first-person camera: you can ghetto it by getting potions of small creatures, like air elementals, and that will allow you a pseudo-first person view.


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