Guild Wars 2 and the Story of Mabsy Mabs [GW2]

Damn it, Guild Wars 2! Fine. Fine!

Over the past couple of nights, I couldn’t help it. I got the Guild Wars bug. So, I patched up Guild Wars 2, started a new character and jumped back in feet-first.

I decided to model my new character after my lovely cat, Mabe (pronounced Mah-BĀ). She has a fascinating story behind her, too.

So, for my Friday screenshot, here is my new character:

Meet Legionnaire Mabsy Mabs, a young Charr Elementalist in the Ash Legion.

Mabsy Mabs is what we call her, Mabe is her name, but her original name was ‘Maybe’. As in “maybe we’ll keep her, maybe we won’t”. This happens when you are guilted into taking an injured animal into your house by a young, crying child. But what Mabs had is the good timing of fate, and fortune smiled upon her that day.

The Story of Mabe

I woke up on a warm July morning to a call from my mother. She wanted me to come into the city with her to take a look at a used car. I told her me and my girlfriend had plans later on that day and could it wait for later. She insisted it couldn’t, and so I got out of bed, promised my girlfriend that we would be as quick as possible, and that I’d be back as soon as I could.

This was a ruse. I had planned the call in advance because I needed an excuse to head into center city to pick up an engagement ring that I put on order. My mother and I left the house and were walking out to my car when they approached, a little girl and her mother, carrying a cat in her arms.

This cat was in terrible shape. The cat was a stray that was hanging around their house, and had given birth to a litter of kittens. Still very young, she had then ran out in the street and had been hit by a car. They found ‘Mommie Kitty’ ,as the young girl called her, and took her to a vet. Her jaw was broken, she might’ve had a concussion or at least some brain damage, and she was not doing well. She was still very heavily drugged from the vet, and all the woman and her daughter wanted was for someone, anyone, to please take the cat.

I said “I’m sorry, I’m sure she’s very nice, but we can’t take the cat. I have a big day in front of me, we just don’t have the time, and we already have too many animals in the house.” The house I was staying in already had THREE cats and TWO dogs, we simply couldn’t take another animal. The little girl, at my words, burst into tears.

Tears. Damn it. I weakened.

“Fine!” I said, “We’ll put her on the porch and deal with her later.” A huge smile came across the girl’s face and her mother started profusely thanking us. We decided if the cat was in as bad shape as she said, couldn’t be house trained, didn’t get along with the other cats, or was too injured and in too much pain that we would just take her back to the vet and have her put down. If these two individuals couldn’t do it, we would. It would be the responsible thing to do.

That night, with my now-fiance, we returned home and found that the cat was in better shape than anticipated. Physically she wasn’t bad, aside from the broken jaw, and had already taken to using the litter box. The other cats were apprehensive, but she was far from an alpha personality and had no altercations with them. Also, being so roughly handled by humans soon after her traumatic accident, she did have a fear of us. We still weren’t 100% sure we were going to keep her, so we named her ‘Maybe’. But so far, so good.

As time went on, she was still very scared of humans, but we put her on a regimen to help rehabilitate her. A combination wet food and dry food helped to strengthen and rehabilitate her jaw. We also gave her a lot of toys and encouraged her to play often, getting her to be physically active and to trust us a little more. Her jaw healed, she flourished, and we knew we could no longer give her up. She was our “engagement kitty”.

To this day, Mabs is usually the first one to greet us at the door, always gives us the most loving looks, and is always looking to play and be pet. She is an absolute sweetheart. We wouldn’t give her up for the world.

As far as her name change, a Mabe Pearl is a pearl formed against the inside of an oyster’s shell instead of in its tissue. This leads to a pearl with a pronounced deformity. The name made so much more sense to us, as even though she was a little broken when we got her, she’s still precious and is truly a little gem among cats.

As far as making the Mabsy Mabs character an elementalist, well, one of her favorite things is to steal as much of the water from our drinking glasses as she can. So, it came down to a water-focused elementalist, or a thief. I chose the elementalist.

So bring it on, Guild Wars 2, this cat is strong and can take whatever you throw at her. She has been ‘Downed’ before, and she was able to ‘Rally’ back strong. She may be a cat still, but she has the heart of a proud Charr.

// Ocho

P.S. – By the way, how about this? When I decided to propose marriage, I was going to do it in a big way. My wife had bought us a hot-air balloon ride for my birthday, and I wasn’t about to let the moment pass without surprising her back. So, my first day back into Guild Wars 2, and it just happened to be during the Queen’s Jubilee festival, which just so happened to feature, among other things… hot-air balloons. I don’t know what it is about this cat and hot-air balloons, but the cosmos has linked them together.


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