Photogenic Friday: Spelunking Solstheim [Skyrim]

Yup. I’m still playing Skyrim. Let me tell you, I played the hell out of this game. Completed every single quest in the main story, every side faction, every mission I could get my hands on. Only during the last week, though, have I picked up the final DLC, Dragonborn, and started playing it again. I’m such a high level, though, the difficulty isn’t even registering on the scale. Level 67 will do that, though.  With that, here is a shot I picked up while dungeon diving under Morrowind’s neighbor to the north:

Nice, right? It seems the DLC so far is about some dude who has the same Dragonborn powers the main character has. Hopefully the reason I haven’t been able to absorb dragon’s souls has something to do with him, and isn’t just a bug. For being such a pretty, pretty game Skyrim does have bugs galore.

It was also recently announced that TESO will follow the new latest trend of having a subscription again. Welp, there goes my interest. We’ll see how it is after the first three months… Maybe I’ll pick it up in a Steam sale or something. Having subs is all well and good, it just doesn’t fit into my personal playstyle when the only thing you get out of it is simply game access. I see where they’re coming from, though, with the feel of Skyrim being an open land that having any walls, especially behind a pay shop, doesn’t follow the exploration theme of the game.

I wish them luck. I love TES universe, I love the lore, and The Elder Scrolls Online looks like a lot of fun, but now it’s just not for me. I’m sure they’ll have plans to change that eventually.

// Ocho

P.S. – It’s said that the universe works in waves. Lightwaves and sound waves are 2 basic examples. Another is the rise and fall of the stock market, the rise and fall of the housing market, or the rise and fall of deer populations. We had a round of subscription-based games, then we had a round of FTP-based games, and now we’re heading back into a round of subscription releases. Funny how that is.


4 thoughts on “Photogenic Friday: Spelunking Solstheim [Skyrim]

  1. Nice picture! And yeah, I don’t know how happy I am with the subscription model. I like to subscribe for the MMO I really like, but I’m not bored with SWTOR yet. And subscribing for two… that might just be a bit much.

    • Thanks! I hear you completely. Nothing is inherently wrong with a sub, but every time I am faced with one, I go through a huge mental battle with it. Do I play enough to make it worth it? Can I get the same value from that $15 in another game? If I don’t play, do I at least get something more than just access for my money? Is the content worth it?!

      So, yeah, two subs at the same time? Forget it. Splitting my already limited time wouldn’t make it worth it.

  2. “having any walls, especially behind a pay shop, doesn’t follow the exploration theme of the game”
    Just the big wall around the whole thing. Y’know there are games that get it right, Rift comes to mind. Subscribers have advantages, but there’s nothing specifically “enticing” me to spend in the cash shop, it’s just there. And damned convenient to be honest. Like the fact that I can sell vendor trash just by opening the item shop window. Or buy a bunch regular items (like dyes) with gold, not just gems (cash). TSW is similarly unobtrusive, though there is the DLCs of Issues 6&7. GW2 isn’t too bad either. So if they wanted to, Zenimax (and Carbine, too) has at least two or three good item shop examples to look at, not to mention TSW and Rift are hybrids, and GW2 is B2P. No one that I know of is saying the companies shouldn’t offer a subscription option.

    I never had a ton of interest in TESO, but then I’ve never played the SPRPGs. So I have no real heartburn over the subscription paywall, I just won’t play.

    • Well, to be fair, we’ve been trained to accept a wall around the whole thing from paying for the box. A barrier of entry of SOME KIND is not the bad thing, and BTP is my favorite payment option by a mile. I also have no problem with an optional sub. I mean, heck, I sub to TSW, even though I’m not playing it that hardcore (mostly because I know I’m getting a huge value from it, even if I don’t play every day).

      It’s just too bad TESO is adding to the wall barbed wire and security guards with the sub. IMO, they should be looking at GW2’s model. As far as I know, there are no environmental or quest barriers in GW2, and the shop sells mostly convenience, cosmetic, and fluff items. Something like that would be awesome, and if that was the case I’d jump in on day-one.

      A sub, these days, is only for the content-obsessed games. If they expect customers to pay monthly, then they better provide monthly content. Oddly, GW2, if they dropped the gems thing, would be the best example of how to give a sub value. TSW couldn’t make it work because content creation is much slower, but their mini-expansions are amazing. Each one has been more than worth the price, and since you don’t hit them till end-game, you don’t feel blindsided by them.

      I tend to agree with the growing opinion that the box+sub model on first launch is 100% intentional to bring in the early adopters. Once they drop off, a switch to BTP/FTP is almost assured. I’m not much of an early adopter, anyway, so this works fine with me. If TESO ever goes BTP, just like when TSW did, I’ll be the first in line. 🙂

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