Is the Honeymoon Over Already? [GW2]

I just realized something: I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 since the 23rd of September. That’s well over a week now, and I haven’t felt that drastic need to log-in. Am I sick or something? Busy, yes, I had a very busy weekend, but I mostly have been playing other games. Now, it’s not because I’m already tired of the game… in fact, quite the opposite. I love it, and it’s sitting there on top of my “Games You Should Play RIGHT NOW” list. But, the draw right now isn’t all that strong. In fact, I think tonight I’m going to try my hand at seeing if I can make progress with Natasha in Rusty Hearts (an MMO quite under appreciated, by the way…). But I will say this: the last time I played Guild Wars 2, the shine of the community showed a lot of tarnish.

All of the following happened within a span of about 20 minutes.

It was nearing 8 PM here on the East Coast, and I was one measly event away from completing the daily. The zone I was in, Gendarren Fields, was seriously lacking on events. The overarcing zone meta-event was busted and stuck on one part, and there was a dearth of other events going on. So, to make sure I completed that one last needed event, I zoned over to someplace I knew many events were going on, Kessex Hills. Last time I was there, there was an event every 10 steps, and if you didn’t immediately run away when one completed, you ran the risk of it starting over again within the minute! So, anyway, with only a few minutes remaining, I quickly asked in Map chat “Hey everyone! Any events going on? I just need one more.” to which I was pointed to the one at the bridge near the western side of the zone, where I was told “It starts once every few minutes”. Awesome. I jumped over there, and helped to handily fend off the legion of centaurs that tried to repair the bridge. I completed the daily with just 5 minutes to spare. Excellent.

Then I looked around me… and noticed that a nice portion of those others “defending” the bridge were still attacking long after the event had concluded. Bots. Characters on autopilot just firing their auto attack or AOEs like clockwork, whether there were enemies there or not. Well, that’s disheartening. Nice to know that others can just keep farming those points without ever needing to be at the keyboard (really, botters, shame on you). So I did what every person should do if they see bots or spammers. Report them. Gold selling and botting go hand-in-hand with account thievery, and I will not stand by and let these farmers taint the game we paid for.

This left a sour taste in my mouth, though, almost like I was tattling. In the end, killing a bot is a good thing. It makes our gaming experiences more fun and safe, but I still couldn’t help feeling like that kid on the playground who was inadvertently knocked down by an errant foursquare ball and squealing to the aide.

So, getting over my reverie, I happily announced in map chat “Hey Thanks for the help guys! Just finished my daily right under the 8 PM wire!” thanking those who had informed me of the maybe-a-little-too-generous event and at the same time, letting those who hadn’t realized it yet, that the daily resets at midnight universal time, not at midnight server time. To which, this was met with a resounding “lol whatever noob. dear diary, nobody cares.” and led into flames of how I was apparently playing the game wrong.

Sigh. What a great community, huh? Bots, elitists, and trolls (oh my!). Maybe Syp and Rowan are right… though having them around is great, the actual talking with nearby players is very overrated. You take the chance of having what others have to say being much WORSE than saying nothing at all.

As Mark Twain said “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Why does it sometimes feel like every other gamer around you is just a fool that can’t wait to prove it to the world? I know great gamers are out there, I’ve met hundreds. Still, though, great and helpful gamers seem to be quickly moving to the edge of the bell-curve.

\\ Ocho


5 thoughts on “Is the Honeymoon Over Already? [GW2]

  1. Oh man. I hate those sorts of experiences. I wish I was there to reply with a word of encouragement!

    I have to admit that some of the polish is wearing thin for myself as well. I don’t [u]think[/u] it is #GW2 specific, but I am starting to feel what I start to feel when I know I need to change it up. Funnily enough, I am also in Gendarren Fields. And whilst, in earlier zones, I loved the idea of doing all the poi’s, viewpoints, hearts, etc., I am honestly almost dreading having to do the same, again! Do I have to complete them all? No. But I feel like that is the part of this game that keeps me moving forward. The story certainly isn’t something that makes me care about what happens next!

    I pulled out Skyrim again on the weekend. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to #GW2. I don’t care much about the story, but if I can get myself into my characters head, and really let myself play in the role, I actually quite enjoy it. I just can’t always seem to get my head into that space.

    I might have to look at Rusty Hearts. That would be something completely different for me, I think. But if you like it, there is a good chance that I will as well 🙂

    • Haha! Well, true to form, Guild Wars 2 is all about completion. Not a bad thing, but it is a long haul to get there. And true about getting into the character’s head. In GW2 it seems a lot more difficult simply because their idea of your character is already played out… even the voice. Sure, you make some decisions for your character, but lets face it, those decisions you make aren’t really earth shaking.

      I do suggest giving Rusty Hearts a shot, and when I tried it out, I was surprised, but let me explain it. First off, it’s anime… I’m not a huge anime fan, but I know it’s very off-putting to most people, but I like it. The gameplay is all done in dungeons with the multi-player aspect in a single “waiting room” type location. Very similar to how Star Trek Online or Guild Wars 1 works. You don’t choose a class or race, instead you choose a character. The character male or female is essentially your class. So, I play Natasha. Natasha is a dual pistol wielding long range powerhouse, but that’s ALL she can be. She can’t use swords or fist weapons, just guns. Combat, however, is action-oriented just like GW2, but even faster paced. It’s essentially an arcade style fighting game, but with MMO elements. The downside is that it’s a Perfect World title through and through, so that means lockboxes, monetization of pretty much everything, a huge arrow pointing toward their cash shop, and free to play. Overall, though, imo, it’s still a lot of fun, especially since I went in with very low expectations. 🙂

  2. I go back to my axiom, I hate people. (In general that is) I have gotten to where almost no matter what game it is I do not want to play with “randoms” at all. The only type of game where it changes is one where I am killing the other people like in battlefield 3. It sucks because I know there are good people out there but with all the retarded people(retarded is NOT mentally challenged so do not get your panties in a twist) I cannot stand to even try for the most part.

  3. I don’t know how those scumbags have time for GW2 when they’re so busy playing League of Legends. The closer you get to lvl 30 the scummier and scummier they become. And ranked is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Best to just turn off the chat option … or just play with AI’s, lol.

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