Getting Back on the Guild Wars 2 Track. Note: Still Fun As All Get Out [GW2] [Screenshots]

Well, if you didn’t see, my Guild Wars 2 (or as my wife calls it: Guildawars 2… she’s really cute like that) account has been fully restored and everything is back to the way things were.

It did take 4 days, which as I said in previous posts, is a long time to wait, and I’m surprised that in all the testing leading up to release, being heavily attacked by gold sellers and bots wasn’t considered a major issue. However, it seems that they are coming back up to speed. Check out their September 2nd status update to see all the headway they’ve made in the good fight against the hackers.  Here are some of the more notable entries:

– “Over the past three days we’ve received approximately 8,500 new support tickets related to hacked accounts and other blocking login issues, and we’ve resolved issues to get approximately 9,500 players back into the game (most from tickets submitted prior to Friday, August 31).”

– “We’re aggressively ramping up our customer support team, with 28 new support representatives starting today and more coming online in the next few days, to provide the fast response times our customers expect.”

– “We had the Trading Post down for maintenance earlier today but currently it’s online and available to all players.”

– “To play with a friend on a different overflow server, form a party together, then right-click on the friend’s portrait in the party list and click “join”.” (I had problems with this last night. I tried playing with a friend on a different server… but it seems that isn’t exactly possible just yet or maybe it was just really not intuitive. I hope that does become possible soon. Being able to chat with friends on other servers is nice, but playing with them is the primary goal.)

– “If you discover an emergency game-breaking or economy-breaking bug, do not exploit it, but please notify us immediately at this email address: exploits (at) arena (dot) net.”

As I said before: “Mistakes will happen. It’s how you fix them that count.” Although I still don’t see ArenaNet in a spectacular light, you have to admit they are doing their best attempts to fix it. Losing your account is VERY frustrating for any period of time, especially if it was for something somebody else did. My account name has been changed, my password has been made very secure, and I suggest you all reading to do the same. The best defense against these hacks is to make the information that they have on their stolen lists incorrect. For example, creating an alias e-mail address in Hotmail. G-mail, I believe, also has security methods like this, too. Use them.

As far as password strength, use this site to check it’s strength: Simple enough, it’ll tell you how long it’ll take a desktop PC to crack it. I don’t think the website includes the strength of graphic processing units into it’s calculations, which would make it much quicker, but it’s a good judge for password strength. For example, the password I had notes that it would take 7 hours to crack. That’s terrible, and you can see why it was so easy. Now, it says my new password will take 178 quadrillion years. See the difference? Make your password stronger, folks. If you think you’ll have trouble coming up with something more secure, check out this Xkcd comic:

From, a great comic. The password “correcthorsebatterystaple” would take a quintillion years to crack, according to the link I posted.

Anyway, I’m back in Guild Wars 2! Awesome! And it is back to being everything I expected and more. Freeform exploration and grouping with only your whim pushing you ahead is just… relaxing. As I noted, I had a little difficulty grouping with a friend of mine last night, but I’m sure this will be addressed. Or maybe I’m an idiot and just didn’t do it right. Either way, hopefully it’ll be figured out soon.

I don’t have too many thoughts on any real negatives about Guild Wars 2 right now, but that’s because I’m simply having too much fun to even think about the negatives. The weapon skills could be more diverse? So what?! Guild stuff is still a little tricky? Who cares?! End game? Eff end game! Tutorials don’t explain much? Don’t rely on guides! Explore! Spreadsheets can be consulted later. For right now, Guild Wars 2 has what it promised: Fun. And lots of it.

I know I’m not exactly like other gamers out there, though, and it shows. I love the new dye system, for example. You grab a dye as a drop and suddenly it’s added to the palette of colors you can make your armor, for free, at any time you want. Right now I’m rolling with a color scheme that is mostly Pottery and Ebony with Autumn highlights. The other night, I spent about 15 minutes working on this scheme, which has a sort of wild-west flavor to it that is badass, especially for my gunslinging engineer.

When I was done, I continued on my way and saw this in chat:

“Player1: What are these dyes for?

Player2: To dye your armor.

Player1: That’s really lame.”

Lame? The ability to give your character style and customization at any point in the game for free is lame?! See? Different strokes. But at least you don’t have to look silly for half the game…

From another great comic, Nerf NOW!!

Interested in more Guild Wars 2 screenshots?! If you’re anything like me (most likely not), I know you are. Here you go… a few more for you screenshot-aholics.

\\ Ocho

P.S. – If you’re still locked out for a hack, just try to be patient, despite the anger. My time was 4 days, and I would expect that or sooner. Just know that if you’re innocent, you will almost guaranteed be getting your account back.

12 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Guild Wars 2 Track. Note: Still Fun As All Get Out [GW2] [Screenshots]

    • To be honest, my post before this was a little… angry. I still 100% stand by it, though. If you’re creating a system like this, that is the direct target of other countries citizens and governments as a source of income, you need to make sure you have some wicked protection in place before release. They… did not. So, while I do take the blame of not having a strong password, I think a big portion of why the problem is as bad as it is can be attributed to zero secondary protection in place.

      Thanks for reading, man! Much appreciated and I hope to see you in Tyria. 🙂


      • Yes, I wrote about this as well, the “scaffolding” is a bit lacking, compared to the quality of the game. (Password reset mails are not working.. wtf?! post is here:

        As about the name: I use it for about ten years now, and I simply picked it because – at that time – that was one of my favourite English words. It is nothing to do with Wing Commander, it’s just the mood it radiates..


  1. I was hacked in WoW back in early 2010. Several of my early blog posts cover the incident. You’re right, it can be extremely frustrating especially since I had a difficult password (something pounded into my brain by my work environment). Glad it’s worked out for you.

    The game is a blast, I’m also glad to see someone else playing like me: following whims.


    • I really don’t see how anyone can play the game a different way. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of leveling guides or strict builds or boss videos or anything like that. I prefer to conquer the challenges on my own first. When required reading and watching others plays the game becomes a necessity of standard gameplay, I get turned off very quickly.

      But in GW2… leveling fast is not really easy. Grinding from foes won’t really get you there… the storyline and events and crafting are the ways to level quickly… which is what everyone is doing, anyway. From my perspective, this game wasn’t made for the stat-keepers and spreadsheet watchers. When it gets to the difficult end-game, we may see that more, but it really was made for completionists and explorers, something that hits to my core directly.

      So it just seems like the fastest way to level is just that… follow your whims. PvP, events, craft, and join in with others. But all those also makes it so fun. Like it’s forcing the spreadsheet players to have fun, too… and that’s throwing them off. 😛


  2. Wish I had the extra to give it a try…will have to wait a while. Current password is only at 12 trillion years to crack 😦 I know I can do better…


    • Actually, I’ve found one of the best things to do is find a friend who is lower level and join them. You see other areas you passed over and try out new things. It’s not like being the lackey of your uber-powerful friend. So, really, it’s beneficial to both parties when leveling down.

      When you get the chance to play, I’ll most likely still be playing. I don’t see myself giving this one up for a while. 🙂


      • Np, I always had fun with you in warcraft so I am sure I would have fun playing with you in guild wars 2 as well.


    • Oh yeah, I was pulling out my hair waiting, and checking every new email within seconds. However, I still had some sympathy for what the employees were going through, which is always important to keep in mind.


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