Guild Wars 2 First Max Level Character is a Crafter

*Slowclap* Seriously, I may still be running on a new launch high, but this is outstanding. Whether Guild Wars 2 will herald a complete paradigm shift in the genre or not is still yet to be seen. But who saw this coming? Anyone?

According to reports from Massively and MMOCulture, Guild Wars 2 has it’s first max level 80 player, and they achieved it by doing a LOT of crafting.

We knew it could be accomplished, as has previously been made clear, but the FIRST?!

Now, the player mentioned is a confirmed Level 80. Whether it’s the first or not might be in contention, but there’s no doubt the character is definitely One Of The First, and even being one of the first, and hitting max level with significant crafting is amazing. Tell me another game where the amount of experience gained from crafting or exploration is so significant that you can not only reach max level, but reach it so quickly! It really hits home that there are multiple ways to progress, and all ways are valid.

Of course just crafting won’t help with gaining skills, and there are no crafting specific skills, so his character probably still has a way to go. Being max level, though, is definitely a great starting point.

This might just confirm my previous theory that the time needed to hit max level in Guild Wars 2 will take approximately the same amount of time it took to hit max level in Guild Wars 1. What level you are just isn’t as important a stat as it use to be, and is just a gate for more difficult content and some skill unlocks.

Anyway, Congratulations, Surfeuze of War Legend, you hardcore crafter you, you’ve earned the gamer title of hardcore.

\\ Ocho

[Edit: The character apparently did not level ENTIRELY with crafting, as a commenter has noted below, but was still able to accomplish a good 25% of his levels with it. My post has been changed to reflect this.]


2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 First Max Level Character is a Crafter

  1. Hi, you should check better sources before posting your opinion on a page 😉
    He lvled from lvl 1-60 with PVE content as a party. The other 20 lvls he crafted it with the material that was gathered from a 40man Guild.
    That, in my opinion is teamwork and could have been done by any good built up guild.

    • Ahhh I knew about the collaborative guild effort from crafting to get up to 80, but I DID NOT see where the 1-60 was from PvE. I’ll change it accordingly. Thanks, man!

      My opinion still stands that the capability of leveling THAT much from crafting/exploring is still amazing, though. 🙂

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