Skyrim Difficult Choices Redux

Alright. You know what? I know what I said before, that I decided to join the Stormcloak faction in their civil war. I still stick by my passioned reasoning, too.

However! Last night I was playing Skyrim and, well, I saw a small little exchange between two characters and it completely changed my mind. In the exchange, a jarl, a leader of one of Skyrim’s provinces, who was a devout Stormcloak, was approached by one of his servants. His servant had expressed an interest to join the Stormcloaks in the war effort and he was… well… unmercilessly shot down. The jarl turned to him and flat out laughed in his face, saying he just straight up wasn’t worthy enough and high enough on the social ladder to join them.

This is why I must now crush the Stormcloaks. I could rationalize their arrogance before as just the zealotry needed to push for their collective freedom, and all the other infractions didn’t really affect me. It bothered me that they were racist, and were hypocritical to only want freedom for the indigenous people and not everyone and these sacrifices were made to preserve their religious ways. The bias of class, however, hit a nerve. I wonder if there’s a movement in place to occupy Whiterun. I still don’t completely agree with all the Imperial’s motives, but now I have reason to pick a side.

I must say, though, that for just being a game, I never expected to have to have such a deep decisions. Most games don’t normally put decisions like this in a freaking side-quest! It’s not even necessary to the main plotline and can be skipped entirely! Really, kudos to Bethesda.

It seems even Skyrim has problems with the 1%.

\\ Ocho

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