GameTime! Max Payne, Lord of the Rings Online, and Cell Phone Gaming

This is a new segment I’m working on. Essentially, it’ll just be a quick update about what I, as a casual gamer, am currently playing. It won’t always be MMOs, and it won’t always be the latest and greatest game, but hopefully you get a kick out of it. I call it GameTime.

Well, last night I decided to throw in a game I haven’t played in ages, a game that is well in my Top 5 of shooters: Max Payne. The original. When I first rolled through Max Payne, it had already been out for a while, but the story and the grittiness just blew me away. To this day, the drug-fueled hallucination level is by far one of the most disturbing levels I’ve ever played in any game. Right behind Bioshock, Max Payne is my second favorite shooter of all time. I had some issues getting the sound to work right, as I was playing through Steam, but a quick Google search and sketchy download and I was good to go.

I stepped into Lord of the Rings Online the other night and it ended up being the last day of the 5th Anniversary celebration. I was shocked to see a whole bunch of gifts, including those for players who have been playing since the beginning. Apparantly, I’ve been playing LotRO for the past 5 years! Shocking, right? Maybe I should finally get a character to level 30… But as soon as I came on, even though I’ve been on a hiatus from LotRO, I was very warmly greeted by my guild like I was coming home. I really need to play LotRO more often. It really is one of the best MMOs out there.

Finally, as a last entry, I found myself playing lots of games on my new cell phone. I’ve never found myself to be a cell gamer, but since my new Lumia 900 Windows Phone has full integration into XBox Live, I find I’m playing more arcade style and other games on it just for that reason. Minesweeper, Sudoku, Assassin’s Creed, Fruit Ninja, Civilization Revolution, Sid Meier’s Pirates, and a bunch of other games. For a cell phone, thats a pretty great list. Now Windows Phone just needs a decent mobile MMO and I’ll be all set.

So what are YOU playing? Since you stopped by, drop a line in the comments letting me know, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

\\ Ocho


4 thoughts on “GameTime! Max Payne, Lord of the Rings Online, and Cell Phone Gaming

  1. I’m downloading LotRO as I’m typing this. Thanks to you on tipping me about the Mithril Edition sale. I’m also playing Legend of Grimrock. It is an old school RPG, dungeon crawler, similar to Eye of the Beholder. And I’ll probably participate on Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer weekend.

    • I’ve heard of Legend of Grimrock. Looks good in that old school style and I definitely have heard of Mass Effect 3, though I’m still working through Mass Effect 1. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re giving LotRO a shot! I do highly recommend it. Its in the style of World of Warcraft, but in Tolkien’s world.

    • I keep wanting to, but my highest level character is a Paragon, and I can’t really stand the fact they don’t wear pants! Feel I have to start over, and its possibly a little late for that. 🙂

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