First Contact Day, Pt 2

In my last post I mentioned that I never got the chance to play the new mission ‘Alpha’ recently released for the Klingon faction as part of the First Contact Day celebrations. Well having just finished playing it, it is so far hands down my favorite Klingon mission. The environments are top notch, from the space battle in the shadow of a huge gas giant to beaming down onto a moon into a jungle full of exotic flora and fauna. Of course, thats also not saying much considering that the Klingons don’t have many missions to begin with. Because of the extremely high leveling curve that the Duty Officer system brings (no, really, just by completing one days worth of off-line Duty Officer assignments it raised my level from 39 to 41!) I never did the Klingon-only Fek’hiri missions. I might do these next if only to complete the only real Klingon-only missions that Star Trek Online has.

Now, to be fair, when Star Trek Online released the Klingon faction was only intended to be a PvP only faction and so considering they had nothing when then game released the fact that they have as many missions as they do now is tremendous. Also, keep in mind that every mission the player goes on isn’t just another “collect 10 boar spleens” quest. Its a 30 – 40 minute space and land complete story. Star Trek Online has hands down some of the best “questing” of any MMO. The developers went into mission creation with the idea that it should be like the TV series that people remember. Long, but not too long storylines nested within a larger story arc, having action, diplomacy, and exploration. To tweak that into an MMO format, some of the exploration and diplomacy had to be pared down, but the overall effect is still there. As far as this new mission goes, ‘Alpha’ is solid with great environments and a good story. It’s great, but really it just whets the appetite for more…

\\ Ocho

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